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By their nature, dogs are opportunists. They descend from a species of hunting canines who had to eat when the eating was good, regardless of the situation. The instinct to gulp as much food as possible before anyone else can get to it is a survival mechanism ingrained in them to varying degrees depending on the lineage of your specific dog.

The conditions of your dog’s life may also provide further impetus to take up this behavior. If you should adopt a rescue, they may previously have been neglected or underfed in a situation where there were many other pets competing for food and attention. This can lead both to food aggression and to the habit of gobbling up food to keep it from the other dogs.

Certainly, not all dogs are like this. While most tend to eat quickly and with minimal chewing, some dogs pace themselves just fine. It can also be temporary — perhaps there’s a specific stimulus prompting them to eat faster than they normally would. If they’re getting more exercise than normal, they could in turn be hungrier than normal.

Whatever the case may be, eating too fast can lead to a variety of maladies. The first and most common is bloat, which is what happens when an excess of air is swallowed and their distended stomachs fold over themselves. It’s potentially fatal, so anything you can do to prevent it is worth the effort. Eating too fast can also cause vomiting or other gastrointestinal distress.

Having a slow feed bowl or puzzle feeder on hand for those situations where your dog insists on eating too fast is a great idea. Slow feed bowls tend to be simple designs that provide just enough of a barrier to slow your pup down. Puzzle feeders are great if your dog gets bored easily, regardless of their behavior at mealtime. By putting them to work for the reward of food, you get the double benefit of slowing them down while also providing a challenge that stimulates their mind. You don’t get paid without doing work, why should your dog?


Type: Cats Dogs
Brand Name: hold honey
Volume: 500g
Item Type: Travel Puzzle Bowls
Applicable Breed: Cat Dog
Material: Plastic

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